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Why travelling to Ethiopia

All, we have a wrong image of Ethiopia. No other country in the world was better in showing us poverty, drought and hungry children than Ethiopia in the last 30 years. Poverty is still there, but strongly reduced. The Ethiopians are on the right track. Every visitor goes home by saying “ I had a totally wrong image of Ethiopia”
Ethiopia is also very rich!!

The most beautiful man, woman and children in the world live in Ethiopia. The best climate in the world is in Ethiopia.
The best coffee comes from Ethiopia.

Violent crime does not exist in the Ethiopian culture. Ethiopia is as safe (or safer!!) than European countries. You can walk outside without any fear. The visitor is a curiosity for them. Hundreds times you hear an innocent YOU YOU YOU shouted by children.

Ethiopia has around 92 different languages and so many cultures! There is a population growth of 2 million people every year!
Ethiopia goes from 152 m under sea level up to 4533 m above sea level! And Ethiopia is unique! Is there another country in the world that looks like Ethiopia?

Every society can learn from another society.  That’s what makes traveling so exciting. Travelling in Ethiopia will put in question your own way of living and thinking.
Do you know that Christian Orthodox and Muslim people live here together, always in peace. Even they marry each other! You will also see how simplicity can go together with happiness!

Discovering a country, meeting the people, seeing the animals, feeling the culture, looking at the trees and scenery, you best do by walking. Discovering a country is also talking about how Ethiopia goes forward, what are the challenges for the coming years, how is life in Ethiopia for the Ethiopians.  

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